Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update on Owen's Life

Owen is now 6 months old. Where did the time go?! We just can't get enough of our fun little baby! Here is a list of some things he enjoys/can do as of now: -He rocks back and forth to a beat, or his favorite "Take me out to the Ballgame" -Still doesn't like Sidney kisses. He never cries, he just does whatever he can to get his face away from her. I'm constantly telling Sidney thank you, but go away :). -He likes to see what's up at his head during diaper changes, which is starting to make it hard to change his diaper. -During each diaper change, I fan off his wet bum with the clean diaper. His new favorite game is putting his foot in the way of the fanning, so I'll hit it with the diaper. He has a little smirk on his face waiting for me to look at him, then when I do, he smiles really big & super proud of himself. -He tried his first food, avacados, and likes them. He has also had some rice cerial, but not a lot. -He LOVES his dad! Daddy coming home from work is a very happy time! As soon as he hears his voice, he is looking all around until he finds where he is at. -He is finally taking good, consistant naps, and sleeps at night too. -He is still very spitty, but a little bit better now that his stomach has matured. I'm still on a very restricted diet, but that's been very nice to be forced into eating healthy. Better for both of us :). -He sits up by himself very well. -His first teeth are almost here!! He is constantly biting on his bottom lip. For a teething baby, he's still pretty dang good! He fusses sometimes, but nothing horrible. If he won't stop, that's when I go to the store, which the new scenery distracts him long enough to give me a break. -He has the cutest face I've ever seen in my life! Also, the cutest smile :). -Sometimes he just wants to cuddle, and I love it. -He can say "dadadada" really good, but has only said "mamamam" a few times. Mostly mamama is when he's fussing :/ -He turns his face away a lot of the time after he gives a smile, very shy like. -For the first time in his life, he is starting to fall asleep in the carseat, instead of screaming for the entire ride! -He is really good at self-soothing, sucking on his first two fingers. I'm very proud of this, because I didn't want to CIO to get here, and I didn't have to! We worked hard on it, and he did great! -In the middle of the night, he wakes up and talks in his crib for several minutes before he cries. I love listening to his voice. I also love that I have time to go to the bathroom before I get him. If I've slept through the talking, and he's crying, I know I've got to hurry and grab him, since he's been up chatting for a while! -He loves raspberries, when I bite his toes, tickle his belly and neck, and nap his nose. -He gives me the cutest smile after each nap. Pretty much, there isn't any reason why we wouldn't love this baby of ours like crazy! He has been such a joy to Sam and my life!! I'm so excited I'm his mom, and can watch him grow and learn new things. Being able to stay home to be with him every day, all day, has been such an enormous blessing. I love that I can literally watch him grow and learn new things every day. I love being a mom!


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